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Universal Transportation Billing for Logisticare Feature List

  Reduced billing time for both pre-assigned and manual trips
  Assign trips by vehicle or by pick-up time
  Print a trip or vehicle manifest by Pick-up time sequence, or rider name + leg A, B, and C sequence
  Generate a Daily Schedule report for the dispatcher
  Enter vehicle, pickup time, drop off time, mileage and automatically calculate billable amount
  Convert manual processing to corrections queue
  Automatically post LogistiCareŽ payment detail
  Billing reports
  No-show report
  Unbilled report
  Payment Detail report
Deny report
  Unpaid trips report
  Optional interface to our Universal Transportation Billing system
  Low monthly maintenance and support fee which can be cancelled at any time
  Supports single and multi-user
  Provides password protection per user per function
  Runs under Microsoft Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP
  Pop-up calendar for all date fields
  Multiple search options
  All reports can be printed or displayed on the screen
  And much, much more!