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Universal Medical Transportation Billing Feature List

  Automatic creation of call tickets and claims from patient transportation schedule
  Print daily call tickets
  Print daily call schedule
Print HCFA-1500 and MC-12 forms
Print MC-12A authorization form
Print prior authorization expiration report
  Supports electronic submission to Medicare, Medicaid, and clearinghouse
  Supports single and multi-user
  Provides password protection per user per function
  Runs under Microsoft Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP
  Pop-up calendar for all date fields
  Multiple search options
  Maintains patient demographic information
  Statements can be sent to patient, insured, or third party
  Query patient ledger on screen
  Supports 5 different prices for each procedure
  Option to apply insurance payment to specific procedures
  Print statements on plain paper
  All reports can be printed or displayed on the screen
  Generate patient and insurance aging reports with user specified aging periods
  Print daily, monthly, or yearly transaction journal
  And much, much more!