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 With more than 20 years experience in the medical billing field and 31 years experience  supplying 
 vertical market applications to a broad range of industries, Universal Business Automation has the
 knowledge and  know-how to get the job done.

 All our medical billing systems are HIPAA compliant for Medicare, Medicaid, and WebMD (commercial
 claims) electronic submission and are fully Microsoft Windows compatible.

Universal Medical Billing
The Universal Medical Billing system is a complete insurance and patient
billing system designed to let you office staff take full control of your billing.
From scheduling to entering and sending claims electronically, we have
everything you need to take control of your billing.
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Universal Medical Transportation Billing
The Universal Medical Transportation Billing system maintains extensive client billing and demographic information including insurance, transportation, and ledger data. Billing is automated and can be sent electronically to Medicare, Medicaid, and to WebMD. 
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Universal Transportation Billing for Logisticare
The Universal Transportation Billing for LogistiCare® module makes completing your LogistiCare® billing cycle easier and faster. Why sit and wait for the slow LogistiCare® website to process your claims when you can do most of the work on your local computer, saving up to 50% of your time.   
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Universal Medical Day Care Attendance and Billing
The Universal Medical Day Care Attendance and Billing system is a complete
solution for the problems associated with adult day care and partial care
services. Using pre-printed, bar coded, driver route and sign-in lists, gathering attendance and meal preference is quick and easy. 
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Universal Medical Day Care Interdisciplinary Management
The Universal Medical Day Care Interdisciplinary Management module is a very flexible and comprehensive software system which makes it easy to load data from user-defined libraries in order to create client specific Interdisciplinary Care Plans.  
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