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Universal Medical Day Care Interdisciplinary Management Feature List

  Health Problems can be selected from the library and all the Objectives, Contributing
     factors, and Interventions will be automatically retrieved and added to the Care Plan
Care plans can be updated and re-printed quarterly
  Care plans can be copied at the end of the year and edited to reflect only current pro
Care plans can be viewed, updated, or printed at any time
You can even duplicate an existing care plan to create a new care plan
  The system has screen level password protection
The Care Plan database can be purged at any time to eliminate obsolete information
  Reports can be printed for all the care plan libraries
The Interdisciplinary Management module interfaces with our Medical Day Care system
     reducing data entry

Supports single and multi-user
  Provides password protection per user per function
  Runs under Microsoft Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP
  Pop-up calendar for all date fields
  Multiple search options
  All reports can be printed or displayed on the screen
  And much, much more!